youth day - august 20, 2018

Youth Day is a youth driven and youth led initiative to empower young people to make a difference.

  • Elevate youth voice.
  • Inspire youth to be agents of change.
  • Empower youth to build a brighter future.
  • Strenghten youth's sense of home and belonging in Wood Buffalo.

 "I know that even though I am still quite young, with the right support I have the capacity to create change for the better for myself and my community."  - Cocoa, Grade 6

It is not that we don't want to stay in Wood Buffalo; it's just we have nothing to stay for."  - Chan, University Student 

"We are told that one person can make a difference, but we are never really empowered to make that difference." - Bismah, Grade 12

"Youth are the future...and community needs to create the opportunities for youth to build a brighter future." - Mira, Grade 10

Unleash the future.

Be Inspired

 Be brave. Find your passion. Connect to purpose. Think big. Think Wood Buffalo.

Change your world. 

Be Empowered

 Observe. Listen. Learn. Experience. 

Take action. Get funded. Start something. 

Change your world.


Be Connected

This is community.  Find a friend. Know your neighbour. Build your network. 

Change your world.


The Future is Closer Than You Think

 Our world today is full of increasingly complex global issues like rising inequality, climate change, sustainability of resources and a rapidly changing economy, just to name a few. 

The World is Yours to Change

Young people are Wood Buffalo's greatest resource.  We need to empower the youth to be more enterprising, innovative and entrepreneural to drive our community's future.


Krish Shah

Co-Founder of EcoYOLO

Meet Krish

Ana Radmanovic


Meet Ana

Cheryl Goloski

Community Leader

Meet Cheryl

Ahmed Rana

Community Leader

Meet Ahmed

Kiran Malik-Khan

Community Leader

Meet Kiran


Fajar Khan

Member - Minister's Youth Council


Jeet Undhad

Community Development Associate



Registration for Wood Buffalo Youth Day is free.  While attendees will be able to register at the event, we advise registering in advance to ensure your attendance is secured. Tickets  available on Eventbrite


4:00 to 6:30 PM

Come early.  Be connected. Get Youth Day off to a good start.  Be inspired.  Be empowered.  There's a surprise in store for you.

6:30 to 8:00 PM

Enter the second phase of your experience.  Enjoy a community dinner. Engage with community leaders.

8:00 to 10:00 PM

Complete your experience around a campfire.  Spoil yourself with scrumptious treats.  Relax. Unwind. End Youth Day with a bang!


Get updates about the event plus valuable opportunities for young people to make a difference.


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