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By: Beverley Makia, Managing Director, Layla Isaac Foundation



“As the community of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, continues to recover from the devastating accident suffered by their beloved hometown Broncos, the Layla Isaac Foundation and its beneficiaries offer our support and concern to those impacted by the tragedy and those whose lives have been lost or compromised as a result.

We are especially mindful that children are uniquely vulnerable in such a situation and would require special attention.  Parents and caregivers will continue to require support, so they can help children to cope more effectively and mitigate the threat of long-term psychological impacts from enduring this traumatizing event.

Over the past few days, I have been awed by the outpouring of support from my community of Fort McMurray.  On Saturday, April 14, over 300 hundred children and their parents/caregivers attended Layla Isaac Foundation’s PlayDays event dedicated to the community of Humboldt.  Some wore jerseys belonging to their favourite sports teams as a tribute to the Broncos.  They also made cards with special messages for the children and families of Humboldt, gestures of support which have been sent to the City of Humboldt.

Together with the rest of Canada, let us continue to support one another and help the children and families impacted by the tragedy recover and rebuild their lives.”

News & Publications

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Communities across the world celebrate Universal Children's Day on November 20, reaffirming a solemn promise made so long ago; that, all children will live in a world in which they can fulfill their potential.  This is one promise we must keep for the sake of children everywhere.


Report: Voice of the Community


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Report: Map of Play

Are we reaching children from every neighbourhood?  YES.  Read this report based on our use of GIS.

Are we reaching children and families from every neighbourhood in Fort McMurray? YES.  This report shows the spatial distribution of our attendees, based on our use of GIS technology to ensure every neighbourhood benefits from our post-disaster program.

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Report: PlayDays Attendance


When 317 attendees walk into your makeshift program space every PlayDay, you know you must be meeting a dire need in your community.  This report presents attendance data from our innovative disaster recovery program, the first of its kind in Wood Buffalo.

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We know there is a need for exceptional, affordable, and continuous programming for children in Wood Buffalo.  So we harnessed the talents and community spirit of local youth to pioneer a whole new category of community programming for children and families.

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