this is gift of play.

 The holiday season is a time of joy when we connect with one another and look forward to a new year. However, when life in community continues to be impacted by disaster, like the recent wildfires, our experience of the holidays can be profoundly altered. For some, getting through the holidays can be stressful, especially as schools and community programs shut down for the holiday season.  For this reason, we created The Gift of Play, a multi-day family festival to enliven the holiday season and strengthen our community spirit. 


this is for everyone.

Here's a chance to experience an epic family-friendly event. Gift of Play brings together community members from every neighbourhood in Fort McMurray, as well as Fort McKay and Anzac. Please, check this site for information on how to get your free tickets. The festival will unfold as follows:

December 22 - 24

The first part of the festival begins with a bang. Link up with old friends, mingle with new ones as we kick off 10 days of fun! 

December 27 - 30

We unwrap yet another gift for you...4 consecutive days of celebration as we prepare to welcome a New Year!

January 02 - 04

Happy New Year to you!  Enjoy ample opportunities to connect with other community members as you look forward to a new year!


This is a force for good.

Through Gift of Play we connect and inspire community. Here's a short list of the impact:

  1. Increases pride in local community
  2. Strengthens sense of place
  3. Enhances wellbeing of children
  4. Increases access to leisure and recreation
  5. Embraces diversity of the community
  6. Individual (adults) experience personal wellbeing
  7. Individuals (adults) feel a sense of belonging
  8. Enhances positive development of children and youth
  9. Community is connected and engaged
  10. Families have access to a social support networks

We are supporting local vendors

We recognize the opportunity for local vendors to capture foot traffic in a low-cost way at our pop-up festival space.  That is why we are inviting home-based retailers to test, exhibit, sell and create engagement around their products. 

stay tuned for more information.


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this is home.

  • This is Wood Buffalo.
  • Our community is still recovering from the 2016 wildfires.
  • Our economy is bouncing back.
  • Our people are staying strong and supportive of one another.
  • Knowing our neighbours is important to us.
  • We value engagement and participation in community. 
  • We embrace our diversity.
  • We welcome and include everyone.
  • We value our children and youth and want them to have the best start.

We are proud to host the 3rd Annual Gift of Play festival where we belong, in Wood Buffalo, at home.

Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada

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