The 2nd Annual Gift of Play - a fun-filled holiday festival - was held in Fort McMurray on December 28, 2017. Over 1800 children and families attended this free, 6-day event on Dec 28-30 & Jan 02-04.


Children Need to Play

 Play is in our DNA.  It  is fundamental to children's health, wellbeing and development. Our work is focused on providing children enough time to play, safe places to play and friendly people to play with. 

Play Builds Resilience

 Play repairs the social fabric in communities devastated by wildfires, floods and other crisis.  Through play, children are empowered to feel hopeful, helping them cope with exposure to trauma.  

Play Builds Community

 In situations of crisis, an important part of the healing process is activating spaces for children to play. Shared play spaces allow children to form new connections, new friendships and new possibilities. 

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